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In Good Hands - A Comprehensive Safe Food Handling Course
Ontario based course proctored by Ontario Health Units
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Safe Food Handling

Welcome to the legacy version of the In Good Hands website. We have launched an updated website with a lot of upgrades. The new website is located at www.ingoodhands.ca.

Current students can switch to the new website for free AND you will be able to write your certification exam online for free (if your computer meets the technical requirements to write it online). If you wish to switch, go to www.ingoodhands.ca and login using your existing username and password. You can instead choose to continue on this legacy site, but you will have to complete the course before June 1, 2019. After that, this legacy version of the website will be decommissioned.

* In Good Hands is a Lifelong Learning Challenge Fund project, a co-production with the Ontario Educational Communications Authority (TV Ontario). The Lifelong Learning Challenge Fund is financially supported by the Government of Ontario.