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Course Features

How much do you know about food safety?
You may already have a good understanding of food safety. In Good Hands offers comprehensive content, which is useful for the skilled food handler as a refresher course, as well as for the handler who needs to develop professional skills to enter the food service industry, or anyone interested in food safety.

Canadians report more than 5000 cases of food borne illness annually. Make sure that your skills help to prevent food borne illness.

Have some fun! Try an example of an interactive approach that In Good Hands uses to test your knowledge of safe food handling... [ Test Your Skills ]

In Good Hands explores food safety through 15 modules (chapters) of course content. Content for the In Good Hands course is Ministry-approved, developed in partnership with Public Health Inspectors at the Thunder Bay District Health Unit.

A Health Inspector SaysThe In Good Hands course is based on Canadian content as well as Ministry of Health guidelines for the province of Ontario. The course is also available in French.

In each module...
Each of the 15 In Good Hands modules comprehensively covers food safety topics. Learn about safe food preparation, correct use of thermometers, appropriate cooling and reheating, approved cleaning and sanitizing methods... all in the context of preventing food borne illness. More detailed information about the topics in the 15 modules is available by clicking here: [ Read More ]

In each module, you will find several sections:

  • Introduction: Introduces you to the topics in the module
  • Learning Objectives: Each module (chapter) has specific learning objectives that help to focus your attention to those topics. The objectives are handy reference points.
  • Self-Test: Each module has a set of True/False questions. Take the Self-Test, receive a score, and use it as a guide before you begin the module. The Self-Test helps to direct your attention to the topics that you need to build upon and helps to give you an idea of the areas that you need to give special attention.
  • Key Topics: The content for each module is divided into key topics that can be accessed through the navigation bar (much like the one that you see on this page). Along with content pages, each module uses a variety of interactive elements to make the learning experience more enjoyable.
  • Quiz: Each module ends with a multiple choice quiz. A score of 70% is required on each quiz to successfully complete the module.
  • Dictionary: Key words and concepts are highlighted in blue the first time they appear on a page or a pop-up screen, in each module. Simply click on the term to be linked to the definition. The Dictionary can also be accessed through the navigation bar.
  • "My Progress": This feature keeps track of your progress on Self-Tests, Quizzes and course content as you proceed through the 15 modules.

How long will it take?
The course is designed to be flexible to the needs of each individual learner. You may study at your own pace, in your own environment. Each module is designed to take approximately 45 minutes to complete.

However, you may find that you'd like to spend more time on some topics and less on others. It is anticipated that the entire course could be completed in approximately 12 hours.

In Good Hands uses a variety of methods to test your skills. [ Read More ]

Tips for Success
To make the most of your online learning experience, keep in mind some useful study tips. [ Read More ]

* In Good Hands is a Lifelong Learning Challenge Fund project, a co-production with the Ontario Educational Communications Authority (TV Ontario). The Lifelong Learning Challenge Fund is financially supported by the Government of Ontario.