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Train for Food Safety Certification

Did You Know...... and meet provincial certification requirements

  • Build your professional food handling skills
  • Earn a widely recognized Basic Safe Food Handler Certificate
  • Increase your employment opportunities
  • Improve your knowledge of safe food handling

In Good Hands is Ministry-recognized as a food safety course that meets the requirements for Safe Food Handling Certification.

The Steps to Certification

  1. Food Safety Training Certificate Completion of Course: Successfully complete all 15 modules of the In Good Hands course.
  2. In Good Hands Online Test: Test your knowledge with this practice test. Certification costs include access to the In Good Hands Online Test. This sample test is based on the In Good Hands course, and offers a sampling of the questions required to obtain certification. It may be completed as a test of knowledge prior to taking the certification exam. The In Good Hands Online Test is required to complete the course, but it DOES NOT apply towards Certification.
  3. Submit Request: Submit a request for Certification. A "Request to Certify" button becomes active inside the course, after you have completed the course.
  4. Certification Exam: Write an in-person, proctored exam at your local health unit. This exam must be written at a Health Unit or other approved proctoring site. We will provide you with further information for completing the certification exam, after you submit a request for certification. It is your responsibility to confirm a certification time with a Health Unit or other approved proctoring site by phone. (We will povide you with contact information after you are ready to certify.)
  5. Certification Fees: There is a cost to write the certifying exam. Your certification fee is paid in person, when you attend the exam session at your local Ontario Health Unit or approved proctoring site. You cannot pay certification fees online. Fees for certification vary according to the participating Health Unit that provides the testing service - please contact your local health unit for details.

The Steps to Certification

When you are ready to write your certification exam, it is up to you to contact your local health unit by phone to arrange for a date and time for certification examination. We will provide you with contact information after you submit your Request to Certify. See the attached table for more information.

* In Good Hands is a Lifelong Learning Challenge Fund project, a co-production with the Ontario Educational Communications Authority (TV Ontario). The Lifelong Learning Challenge Fund is financially supported by the Government of Ontario.